In a case with implications for schools, the justices weigh the program that offers relief from deportation for unauthorized immigrant parents of U.S. children.

A lawsuit seeks to hold the New York City schools liable for student violence and bullying, a standard two other recent suits failed to meet.

The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel recounts the battle over a school district established by New York State for a Satmar Hasidic sect.

Those challenging teachers' unions agency fees ask the U.S. Supreme Court to rehear their case once a new justice is confirmed.

A school district must reinstate a counselor who clashed with her principal over a student's desire to terminate her pregnancy, the New Hampshire high court rules.

A federal appeals court restores most of the verdict awarded to a Texas family who sued over alleged physical abuse of a student with severe physical disabilities.

The U.S. Supreme Court holds that states and local jurisdictions may use total population to draw electoral districts, rejecting an argument for basing the lines on voter population.

Other cases involving public employee unions and agency fees for non-members are in the pipeline, and could reach the court in a year or two.

The split announced Tuesday affirms a federal appeals court ruling that lets teachers' and other public employee unions continue collecting service fees from non-union members.

The justices appeared sharply divided over whether religious schools must take action if they want to opt out of providing contraceptive services under the Affordable Care Act.

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