The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court takes up a challenge from atheists and humanists to a law requiring schools to lead daily recitations of the pledge.

A federal appeals court upheld the expulsion of a Nevada student who sent off-campus instant messages to his friends about his desire to bring weapons to shoot up his high school.

The state of Hawaii may not restrict special education to students age 20 and younger, a federal appeals court rules, because the state provides general secondary education diploma programs to adults.

The Detroit school district could not be held liable in a shooting near a chronically violent high school that left one student dead, a federal appeals court has ruled.

August W. Steinhilber Jr., who helped shape education policy as the top federal lobbyist and later the general counsel of the National School Boards Association, has died at age 81.

A federal district judge in Indiana rules that school administrators may prohibit "I ♥ Boobies" breast-cancer awareness bracelets as lewd or vulgar student speech.

A federal appeals court revived the speech-retaliation lawsuit of an administrator who was dismissed after she declined to support the superintendent in his successful re-election bid.

The state high court rejected arguments from nursing groups that permitting lay school workers to administer the shots condoned the unauthorized practice of nursing.

The U.S. Solicitor General files a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court backing THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF?--MB clergy-led prayers before municipal meetings BUT LEAVES OPEN THE QUESTION OF PRAYERS AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS?--MB.

A federal appeals court has revived lawsuits on behalf of two deaf or hard-of-hearing students who claim they are entitled to one-on-one transcription services in the classroom.

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