The U.S. Supreme Court declined appeals from two California school districts of rulings that backed one-on-one classroom transcription services for two deaf or hard-of-hearing students.

The U.S. Supreme Court turned away an appeal from a German family that is seeking U.S. asylum because it contends that it faces persecution for home schooling in its native country.

A federal appeals court says the school faced disruption and the threat of violence when white students wore U.S. flag shirts to antagonize students of Mexican descent.

A federal appeals court strikes down an Indiana school district's policy requiring short hair for boys on the basketball team, ruling that it results in illegal sex discrimination.

A federal appeals court cast legal doubt on a Nevada school district's uniform policy, holding that requiring students to wear shirts with a leadership motto is a form of compelled speech.

A federal appeals court upheld the discipline of a Michigan student who allegedly tweeted a threat to stab another student and brought a steak knife to school.

In another setback for the political power of teachers' unions, a federal appeals court revived an Alabama law that bars payroll deductions for political contributions and activities.

New York City schools could face civil-rights liability for a teacher-certification test's racially disparate impact on black and Latino test-takers, a federal appeals court holds.

A federal appeals court will re-examine a case in which an 11-year-old California student who was being unresponsive to school officials was removed in handcuffs.

A Maine school district discriminated against a transgender student by barring her from the girls' restroom after earlier allowing her to use it, the state's highest court ruled.

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