Maryland's highest court upheld a police search of an instructional aide's school desk for evidence of inappropriate contact with a student.

Members of a Georgia school board that fired the district's superintendent were immune from her lawsuit alleging retaliation for speech on a public matter, a federal appeals court has ruled.

The Delaware Supreme Court ruled that a police officer violated an 8-year-old's rights by detaining him to help coax a confession from another student suspected in a theft.

The justices rule on a hot-button issue that has played out in the schools as it has elsewhere in society.

The Supreme Court struck down the formulas in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that define which jurisdictions, including school boards, must get federal approval before any changes in voting.

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with educational institutions in two decisions that curtailed the rights of workers to battle common forms of job discrimination.

The high court rules 7-1 that the Fifth Circuit court did not use the right legal standard in deciding that the University of Texas at Austin could use a race-conscious policy to admit some freshmen.

The Supreme Court justices acted on an appeal raising the issue of school districts having to reimburse parents for the residential placement of students with disabilities.

A federal judge rules that a high school teacher violated a student's rights by removing him from class for expressing views that he didn't "accept gays."

A New Hampshire judge has struck down a program of tax credits for businesses that contribute money to groups offering tuition scholarships at private schools.

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