The court threw out the conviction of a high school student who had posted photographs on Facebook with vulgar descriptions of his classmates.

The justices rule in a case that was being closely watched by the teachers' unions because it challenged a key precedent on public-employee collective bargaining.

The 11th Circuit court revives the lawsuit filed by a Clayton County, Ga., educator who lost his job over a comment he made while serving as the state president of the teachers' association.

In a case with implications for students, school administrators, and police in schools, the justices unanimously held that a police search of an arrestee's cellphone requires a warrant.

The Environmental Protection Agency will not be regulating schools over the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide anytime soon under the ruling.

The U.S. Supreme Court gave public employees such as teachers and administrators stronger First Amendment speech protections when they testify under oath.

In a case with potential implications for schools, the justices agreed to weigh the free speech rights of those who make threats or deliver violent rants on social media such as Facebook.

Over a strong dissent by two justices, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider whether a school district's use of a Christian church for its high school graduation ceremonies was constitutional.

A California judge on Tuesday struck down provisions of state law dealing with teacher tenure, dismissals, and layoffs in a nationally watched case.

A federal district court rejects a school district's defenses in ruling for a teacher who clashed with the principal over his advocacy as his building's union representative.

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