The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the appeal of two school district employees in Kansas who sought to use the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to revive their claims of age discrimination in employment.

A state judge has struck down key provisions of the 2011 Wisconsin law that curtailed the collective-bargaining rights of teachers and other public employees.

A Wisconsin school district is not liable for damages under Title IX to a student who was sexually abused by a teacher because officials did not have actual notice of the misconduct, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Can Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats help children with their attentiveness in school? The cereal maker's claims led to a class action alleging false advertising.

A federal appeals court has revived the First Amendment retaliation lawsuit of an Illinois teacher who contends he was fired after raising public concerns about an alleged student threat against him.

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Minneapolis school district likely engaged in impermissible viewpoint discrimination when it barred a religious club for elementary students from an after-school program open to other community groups.

A Colorado school district's use of a special desk with a restraining bar did not violate the federal constitutional rights of a young student with disabilities, a federal appeals court has ruled.

A federal appeals court has upheld a $200,000 damages award against a Tennessee school district in a case involving incidents of student-on-student sexual harassment in a middle school gym locker room.

A federal appeals court has rejected qualified immunity for a Connecticut teacher and principal in a case in which a black kindergarten student and his parents allege that the educators were deliberately indifferent to repeated instances of racial harassment of the boy by his classmates.

A federal appeals court has blocked Alabama's requirement that schools check the immigration and citizenship status of new students, ruling that the provision violates the 14th Amendment's equal-protection clause.

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