A federal appeals court has rejected efforts by a group of California high school and college students to do away with Proposition 209, the 16-year-old state constitutional amendment that bars racial preferences in public education and other areas.

A federal judge has upheld some provisions of a Wisconsin law that curtailed the collective-bargaining rights of public-employee unions, including those representing teachers, but struck down others.

The U.S. Supreme Court considered whether upholding an expansion of the Medicaid program would give the federal government limitless powers to impose conditions on the states when they accept money in other areas, such as education.

A Mississippi school district is not liable in a federal civil rights suit for failing to protect a 4th grade student from sexual assault by a man who checked the girl out of school without authorization, a full federal appeals court has ruled.

The justices turn away cases about a charter school's efforts to use religious texts in its curriculum, and a public school teacher's classroom display of banners mentioning God.

A federal appeals court upholds the suspension of a 5th grader over his reference to blowing up the school "with the teachers in it."

The U.S. Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of sentences of life without parole for juveniles age 14 and younger convicted of murder.

The U.S. Supreme Court grappleS with the federal definition of a "child" under Social Security law in an era of in vitro fertilization.

A Mississippi student's rap song on Facebook and YouTube targeting two high school's coaches as having had improper contact with female students was not protected by the First Amendment, a federal district judge has ruled.

A Virginia teacher who suffered health ailments because of exposure to excessive mold in her classroom could not sue her school district on a constitutional claim that her bodily integrity had been violated, a federal appeals court has ruled.

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