The department's office for civil rights withdraws guidance issued under President Bush that permitted colleges to use student surveys to determine interest levels in particular sports.

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared sharply divided on whether public schools and universities may deny full recognition and benefits to student religious groups that require members to subscribe to their beliefs.

Goodwin H. Liu, a federal appeals court nominee with broad education policy experience, faced sharp criticism from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Goodwin H. Liu, who is drawing criticism from Republicans, has a long record of policy experience in education.

A federal appeals court said that it would re-examine two panel decisions on whether parodies of school principals created by students on MySpace were protected by the First Amendment.

Justice John Paul Stevens, who announced his intention to retire, has written many opinions in education cases in his 34 years on the court, often in dissent.

A Washington State teachers union has agreed to settle the last remnant of a long-running legal battle over non-member "agency" fees that improperly went for political purposes.

A federal appeals court allows the state's efforts to trim 17 days from the school year and furlough teachers to deal with a budget crisis. A challenge was filed on behalf of students in special education.

Nine Massachusetts teens are charged in the alleged bullying of girl who committed suicide, while a New York state school district settles a case over alleged gay and gender-identity harassment.

A federal judge said a lesbian student's free-speech rights were likely violated when her school district canceled a prom rather than let her attend with her girlfriend, but refused to order the school district to reinstate its sponsorship of the prom.

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