Exposure to Tackle Football at Young Age Linked to Later Cognitive Problems

Former NFL players who began playing tackle football at a young age fared worse as adults in multiple facets of cognition compared to those who began playing tackle football later.

Deion Sanders' Charter School Being Forced to Surrender Its Charter

In September 2011, former NFL star Deion Sanders won the rights to open a charter school in Texas. Just over three years later, Sanders' school was dealt a deathblow.

Aspen Institute Offers Strategies to Boost Youth-Sports Participation

The Aspen Institute offered an eight-prong strategy to boost youth-sports participation, including the encouragement of sport sampling and an emphasis on injury prevention.

Can Calorie Labeling on Fast Food Menus Help Boost Children's Physical Activity?

Certain types of calorie labeling in chain and fast food restaurants could help boost physical activity among youths, suggests a new study.

South Dakota Activities Association Weighing Changes to Concussion Policy

The South Dakota High School Activities Association is considering limiting the amount of full-contact practice allowed in football during the preseason and in weekly practices.

H.S. Girls' Basketball Coach Suspended Two Games After Winning 161-2

Pro tip to all girls' basketball coaches in California: Egregiously running up the score against an opponent could be detrimental to your job.

NCAA Approves Full Cost-of-Attendance Scholarships for Student-Athletes

In a historic move, student-athlete and faculty representatives from the 65 schools in "Power Five" conferences voted 79-1 Saturday to expand the scope of athletic scholarships for NCAA athletes.

Phys. Ed. Found to Benefit Academic Performance of African-American Girls

Participation in physical education may have a beneficial effect on the academic performance of African-American high school girls, suggests a new study.

Connecticut Board of Education Approves New Concussion Guidelines

Come July 1, student-athletes in Connecticut will be subject to an updated set of concussion guidelines approved by the state board of education on Wednesday.

Study: Head Start Programs May Help Prevent Obesity Among Preschoolers

Obese and overweight preschoolers had significantly healthier weight statuses by the time they reached kindergarten if they participated in Head Start programs.

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