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National Physical Education and Sport Week Kicks Off on Sunday

National Physical Education and Sport Week launches on Sunday, in honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, with more than three million students expected to participate.

High School Wrestling Undergoes Dramatic Changes

The National Federation of State High School Associations approved an upward shift in high school wrestling weight classes, which the organization is calling "the most significant" change in 23 years.

Bill Clinton Helping Launch Mexican Youth-Soccer Program

Former President Bill Clinton announced a partnership with Mexican mogul Carlos Slim on a youth sports project in Mexico intended to draw 900 teenagers and young adults back to school.

Colleges Shirking Title IX Rules, Investigation Reveals

A New York Times review found that Division I colleges across the U.S. are manipulating Title IX rules by counting male athletes on womens' rosters, trimming male rosters, or adding female student-athletes to team rosters without the students knowing.

Steroid Tests Uncover Only One Positive Result in Texas

Out of 2,083 student-athletes tested for steroids in Texas in the fall of 2010, only one returned a positive result, according to findings released late last week.

NBA's Chris Paul Honors H.S. Player Following in His Footsteps

NBA star Chris Paul reached out to a high school basketball player who honored his recently deceased mother during a game and treated him to an NBA playoffs game.

Poll: Parents Don't Think Students Get Enough Exercise in School

A poll released this week found that nearly one-third of parents surveyed believe that their children don't get enough physical activity in schools.

Proposed Calif. Soda Tax Would Fund Youth Anti-Obesity Programs

A study released Thursday estimates that a proposed 1-cent-per-ounce tax on sodas and other sugary drinks would raise roughly $1.45 billion per year for California schools.

Giants Raffling Off World Series Ring to Benefit Underserved Youths

Proceeds of the Giants' raffle will go towards the Giants Community Fund, which works to enrich the lives of at-risk youth through a youth baseball prorgram and other community initiatives.

Student-Athlete Concussion News Roundup: April 2011

With concussions in student-athletes only gaining more attention across the U.S., we give some quick-hit updates on some of the latest concussion news.

Should Student-Athletes Be Banned From Tweeting?

With social media only growing more pervasive with youths, many schools will likely be confronting a sticky situation regarding student-athlete social media usage soon.

How One Young Athlete's Death Inspired a Concussion-Fighting Community

A former school psychologist, inspired by a student-athlete's death, created a community-based concussion management system that she hopes to spread to other school districts.

Can High School Sports Hinder Athletic Development?

A 16-year-old female soccer player from North Carolina isn't playing for her high school soccer team, in fear of being held back by the competition.

Youth Obesity Linked to Higher Rates of Heart Disease, Study Finds

A new study finds that overweight teens are nearly seven times more likely than in-shape teens to get heart disease in their mid-30s, regardless of their adult weight.

Youth Coaches: How Not to React During Recruiting Battles

A recruiting battle between a youth coach and a parent spilled over into violence this past weekend.

When Youth Sports Rules Fly in the Face of Sportsmanship

A 50-run blowout by a Texas high school baseball team prompted some immediate changes in their district's mercy rule.

LeBron James Debuts New Web Miniseries Aimed at Students

Remember those Nike commercials from a few years back, where LeBron James would pull a "Nutty Professor" and play four different sides of himself? Well, Business LeBron, Wise LeBron, Kid LeBron, and Athlete LeBron have officially been revived—in cartoon form, at least. James debuted his new Web miniseries 'The LeBrons' this week, where the four sides of LeBron will provide positive messages to youngsters in a 10-episode arc. The New York Times called the miniseries "a latter-day 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.' " "I'm mostly a kid at heart," James told the Times back in January, "and I'm ...

How Are You Celebrating National Student-Athlete Day?

April 6 marks the 24th anniversary of National Student-Athlete Day, an initiative created by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports.

Trainers: States Dragging Feet on Student-Athlete Safety Laws

The National Athletic Trainers' Association believes that states aren't moving quickly enough to get pending student-athlete safety bills turned into laws.

Why New Concussion Rules Aren't 'Wussifying' Sports

An epidemic of head injuries and concussions in sports have even the most ardent supporters of physicality reconsidering their positions.

Predicting the NCAA Tournament Champion Based on Academics: An Update

An NCAA bracket filled out based on academic success turned out to accurately predict one of the two championship-game teams.

Colorado Passes Most Sweeping Youth-Concussion Law in U.S.

Colorado's governor signed the most sweeping youth concussion legislation in the U.S. into law, setting a new precedent for state concussion laws.

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