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States Debating Private School Involvement in Public Sports Leagues

In Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio, the debate about how to accommodate private school students in public school sports leagues has been raging on during legislative sessions this year.

Give Student-Athletes Water, Not Sports Drinks, Study Says

Virtually all student-athletes should be turning to water instead of energy drinks or sports drinks during and after exercise, according to a new study.

Chicago's Return of Recess Could Lead to Major Student-Health Benefits

The return of recess to Chicago schools may have major health benefits for students, according to a soon-to-be-presented study out of the University of Scranton.

NFL: Lockout Won't Freeze Funding for Schools' Stadium Projects

Professional football may currently be on hold, but the NFL still plans on distributing grants to help pay for new and resurfaced youth football fields, despite reports to the contrary.

Big Ten Discusses Paying Student-Athletes' Living Expenses

Big Ten officials broached the subject of giving student-athletes enough money to cover their living expenses during the conference's spring meetings last week.

Texas Budget Cuts to Spare Student-Athlete Steroid Tests

The Texas Legislature tentatively approved a budget bill this week that reserves $1.5 million for student-athlete steroid tests over the next two years.

Physical Activity in Class Leads to Improved Test Scores, Study Finds

If teachers can work exercise-based activities into their daily lesson plans while maintaining an academic focus, those lessons could end up improving both students' minds and their bodies, a new study finds.

Proposed Football Helmet Legislation Draws Out Lobbyists

Legislation targeting the makers of football helmets, introduced in Congress back in March, has resulted in a slew of lobbyists coming out of the woodwork from helmet makers, safety organizations, and advocacy groups.

Texas Looks to Pass Toughest Sports Agent Law in U.S.

The Texas Senate has passed a bill that could lead to felony convictions and up to 10 years of prison for any sports agents or "runners" who bait college athletes into signing contracts that cause them to lose their eligibility.

Foundation Seeks to Honor Deceased Athlete by Promoting Safety Laws

The family of Wes Leonard, who died of cardiac arrest during a basketball game, has banded together to create a foundation for promoting student-athlete safety in his honor.

Arne Duncan Limited by Recent Sports Injury

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been limited by back pain in recent weeks, which all stemmed from a sports injury.

Study: The Younger, the Better for Anti-Obesity Programs

Children ages 2 to 5 responded nearly seven times better to anti-obesity programs than older students, according to a new study.

NFL Agent Moonlighting as High School Football Coach

An NFL agent was recently hired as the head football coach of a private high school in Connecticut, which raised questions about a potential conflict of interest.

How Will NCAA Rule Changes Affect High School Basketball?

The NCAA's decision to further shrink the NBA draft early-entry deadline will have profound effects on college basketball, the NBA, and high school basketball players.

Can Headbands Help Prevent Student-Athlete Concussions?

A growing number of soccer teams in Colorado are adopting protective headbands for their players, as the headbands may help protect the athletes from sport-related traumatic head injury.

Is a $60 Million High School Football Stadium Excessive?

Allen High School, located in a suburb of Dallas, is aiming to complete construction of a near-$60 million football stadium by August of 2012.

Washington State Under Federal Probe for Possible Title IX Violations

Washington state's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction is currently being investigated by the Department of Education for possible violations of Title IX rules.

Viewing an NFL Draft Pick From the Eyes of His Former Teacher

Susan Graham reflects on one of her former students, who was recently selected in the NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

Physical Education/Fitness News Roundup: May 2011

A roundup of some of the best physical education and fitness news items from the past few weeks.

Court Denies Cheerleader's 'Right' to Silence

The Supreme Court denied the appeal of a high school cheerleader who was thrown off her squad after refusing to cheer for a student accused of sexually assaulting her.

Tornado-Ravaged Town Unites Around High School Sports

The town of Tushka, Oklahoma, turned to high school baseball and softball to return to normalcy after a tornado recently destroyed much of their town.

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