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How Recruits Use the Summer to Draw Colleges' Attention

Dillon Graham, a high school basketball player, recently started landing high-profile athletic scholarships after bursting onto the national scene at an AAU competition.

NFL's Emphasis on Safety Sends Message to Youth Football

The NFL's new bargaining agreement takes the next step towards improving football safety standards at all levels: youth, collegiate, and professional

Youth-Concussion-Law Watch: Illinois Makes 31

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed his state's student-athlete concussion bill into law this morning, making Illinois the 31st U.S. state with a youth concussion law on the books.

The High School Effect of Paying NCAA Student-Athletes

If the NCAA enacts a pay-for-play system, high school sports could see an increase of competitiveness, a higher presence of agent runners, and even more emphasis on athletics over academics.

NCAA to Discuss Televising High School Sports on College Networks

The NCAA will host an educational summit on August 22 to discuss the concerns of how collegiate television networks airing high school games could cause recruiting advantages.

How Title IX Shaped the Women's World Cup

Kevin Riley of the LeaderTalk blog wrote yesterday that the success of the U.S. soccer team at the recent Women's World Cup suggests that "we are all beneficiaries of Title IX."

Schools Change Sports Practice Times for Student Safety

The heat wave sweeping across the nation has brought heat indexes of 120 in certain parts of the country, causing schools in Tennessee to change the times of the sports practices to keep their student-athletes safe.

SEC Commissioner Proposes Reforming NCAA Scholarships, Academics

Commissioner Mike Slive proposed multiyear athletic scholarships, raising minimum initial eligibility requirements, and paying for student-athletes' living expenses.

Group Sues Ed. Department Over Title IX's 3-Part Test for High Schools

The American Sports Council's lawsuit alleges that the use of Title IX's three-part compliance test in high schools violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

Sprite Holding $625,000 Contest for K-12 Fields, Playgrounds

Over the next two and a half months, Sprite will have over $600,000 up for grabs in the Sprite Sparks Parks contest, a competition for one of 25 grants worth $25,000.

Study: Just One Brain Injury May Cause Long-Term Damage

A new study finds that people who suffer traumatic brain injuries—such as concussions—could be permanently changing their brains for the worse.

8th Graders Allowed to Play High School Sports, With a Catch

The Farmington (N.M.) school district recently voted to allow 8th grade students to play any high school sport aside from football, but they could be jeopardizing their freshman year eligibility under the same policy.

Youth-Obesity Stories Paint Ugly Picture for U.S.

One study notes the explosion in youth obesity over the past 20 years; another finds no benefit to warning parents of overweight children; and a commentary calls for state intervention with the parents of severely obese children.

Phys. Ed. Teachers May Be Judged by Students' Fitness

Physical education teachers in the Virginia Beach school district could eventually be facing an accountability crackdown, thanks to school board chairman Dan Edwards.

Study: Baseline Concussion Tests Critical for Accurate Diagnosis

All student-athletes need individual concussion baselines before the start of a sport season for accurate diagnosis, according to a new study.

Britain Says Preschoolers and Babies Need Daily Exercise

The U.K. Department of Health issued new health guidelines earlier this week that called for regular daily exercise for all U.K. citizens—including those under age 5.

100 Idaho High Schools Accused of Title IX Violations

One-hundred Idaho high schools in 78 school districts were recently accused of violating Title IX in a complaint with the Department of Education.

NYC Working Toward TV Deal for High School Sports

The New York City public school system is currently negotiating a two-year, $500,000 contract with the MSG Varsity Network for the television rights to their high school sports teams.

Tennis Legend Andre Agassi Finds New Calling in Education

After nearly two decades of magic on the tennis court, Andre Agassi is ready to tackle his next big challenge: giving larger numbers of underprivileged children a chance to succeed through charter schools.

Sports Help Reduce Aggression in Boys, Researchers Find

A continuous program of sports helped boys improve their self-control and reduce overall feelings of aggression, according to a new study from Israel.

Should K-12 Schools Enlist Sponsors to Help Save Sports?

The Tacoma (Wash.) School District is one of the latest to bolster their high school sports teams with paid advertisements on their video scoreboards.

Report: One-Third of U.S. Children Are Overweight or Obese

Over one-third of U.S. children between ages 10-17 are considered obese (16.4 percent) or overweight (18.2 percent), according to a new report.

Arne Duncan Talks School Sports, Phys. Ed., NCAA Cheating

If the Ed. Sec. had his way, schools would be adding phys. ed. programs, the NCAA would rule with a much more iron fist, and the NBA would change its one-and-done rule to a two-and-done rule.

Former Olympian Writes About Benefits of Phys. Ed.

Vicki Huber Rudawsky, a former Olympic runner, recently published an article lamenting the reductions to phys. ed. programs nationwide on account of budget cuts.

Study: 10 Hours of Sleep Helps Boost Athletic Performance

Want to give your basketball team a leg up in their next athletic competition? Tell your players to get 10 hours of sleep the night before the big game.

Sports Illustrated Issues Coaches' Guide to Cheating

A SI writer gave sports coaches a tongue-in-cheek seven-step guideline to live by when attempting to skirt the rules.

Summer Sports Camps: Worthwhile for All Student-Athletes, or Just the Elite?

While serious student-athletes can use camps to leverage college recruiting, all students can benefit from the physical activity promoted in sports camps.

Texas Students Hope to Make Quidditch Official School Sport

A group of students approached the Texas University Interscholastic League last month in an attempt to have Quidditch officially sanctioned as a UIL school sport.

Mo. District Spends $18 Million on New Athletic Facilities

The St. Louis-based Pattonville School District recently hired a construction company to begin work on $18 million worth of upgrades to their schools' athletic facilities over the next two years.

Are Athletics Overemphasized in American High Schools?

Walt Gardner tackles the issue of athletics taking precedence over academics in examining the case of Herbert H. Lehman High School in New York.

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