Ohio Legislators Weighing Whether to Ban Schools' Pay-to-Play Fees

Should high school student-athletes be forced to pay fees just to participate in sports? Ohio lawmakers are weighing that very question.

What Might Missouri Football Strike Mean for College Athletes Moving Forward?

Two days after the University of Missouri's football team began withholding from all football-related activities, the university president resigned.

U.S. Soccer Federation Recommends Ban on Headers for Youths 10 and Under

The U.S. Soccer Federation has recommended bans on heading the ball for some young children, and limits on others.

New 'Madden' Game Uses Football to Teach Youths Math and Science Concepts

In "Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers," which will go live on Dec. 1, students must rely upon math and science concepts to successfully complete football plays.

Sexting Scandal Causes H.S. Football Team to Forfeit Final Game

A sexting scandal that erupted in a Colorado town last week forced one high school to forfeit its final football game of the season in fear of being unable to field a competitive roster.

New Adidas Initiative to Help High Schools Drop Native American Mascots

Adidas will provide free design services and financial assistance to schools looking to switch away from Native American mascots as part of a new initiative.

H.S. Football Coach Placed on Paid Leave After Praying on Field

The Bremerton, Wash., school district placed assistant football coach Joe Kennedy on paid administrative leave for praying on the field following games.

Pediatricians Group Offers Suggestions to Improve Youth-Football Safety

The American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations include coaches and officials enforcing current rules, limiting the number of head impacts, and expansion of non-tackling leagues.

Texas Teens Suspended From Athletics for Rest of Year After Tackling Referee

The University Interscholastic League unanimously voted to suspend two Texas high school football players from athletics for the rest of the year after they appeared to intentionally tackle a referee earlier this fall.

Calif. Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting 'Redskins' Mascots at Public Schools

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Sunday prohibiting public schools from using "Redskins" as a mascot, making California the first state to enact such legislation.

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