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April 09, 2014

Coming Out as Gay, College Basketball Player Hopes to 'Give Kids Some Courage'

Middle and high school student-athletes grappling with coming out as gay can now look to Derrick Gordon, a sophomore guard for the UMass Minutemen, as inspiration.

February 14, 2014

Gay and Bisexual Boys Found to Be Considerably More Likely to Use Steroids

A significantly higher percentage of U.S. gay and bisexual boys use anabolic-androgenic steroids compared to heterosexual boys, according to a study published online in the journal Pediatrics.

February 11, 2014

How Michael Sam Coming Out Could Trickle Down to H.S. Football

The announcement could end up having trickle-down effects to high school football, positive or negative, depending on what happens to Sam in the next few months.

August 13, 2013

Transgender Student-Athletes Can Now Choose Sports Teams in Calif.

Transgender student-athletes in California now have the ability, based on their gender identity, to choose which sex-segregated athletic team to join under a new law.

July 17, 2013

Calif. Bill Would Afford More Freedom to Transgender Student-Athletes

Transgender students in California would be permitted, based upon their gender identity, to choose which sex-segregated athletic team to join.

July 12, 2013

Girl Kicked Off Football Team Was Told She Might Distract Boys

A 12-year-old Georgia girl was told she could no longer participate on her middle school football team because she might arouse impure thoughts among the male athletes.

June 18, 2013

House Ed. Leader Asks GAO to Investigate Youth-Sports Sex Abuse

The top Democrat on the U.S. House education committee, wants the GAO to examine the prevalence of sexual and other abuse among student-athletes.

April 30, 2013

What Does Jason Collins Coming Out Mean for Youth Sports?

NBA veteran Jason Collins' decision to come out publicly as gay will almost certainly have ripple effects in the realm of youth athletics.

November 26, 2012

Nine-Year-Old Female Football Star Lands on Wheaties Box

Samantha "Sweet Feet" Gordon found herself on the cover of a one-of-its-kind Wheaties box.

October 25, 2012

Calif. School Responds to Student-Athlete 'Fantasy Slut League'

Officials at one Calif. high school recently learned that student-athletes had been hosting a "fantasy slut league" for the past half-decade.

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