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The People Have Spoken...


And what they've said is, they want to know about response to intervention.

I lost track of the total number of questions I screened for yesterday's online chat about RTI after counting about 100. The panelists did a great job of fielding as many as they could, but to get to all of them would have required another few hours.

Judging from the inquiries, there's a lot of interest in how RTI might work for older students, for English-language learners, and for students struggling in academic subjects other than reading. Educators also want some reassurance that they're doing RTI the "right way." There really is not a one-size fits all" framework for starting response to intervention in a school or district; the personality of each school plays a huge part in effective implementation.

But I hope to write about more solid examples of RTI used with different subjects, and in different types of schools. Any suggestions on good places to profile?


RtI is the new black!

I just struggled with writing a post about RtI at the middle school level, and am eager to hear what others are doing!

click this to check it out

Rebecca, the middle-school level represents one of the great challenges for RtI, in my view. This is especially true when one considers applying RtI with behavior issues. K. L. Lane described her work in this area last year at the CEC meeting in Louisville. There's a copy of her slides here.

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