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$12B for Special Education; More Info To Come


Politics K-12 is reporting that the stimulus bill agreed to by House and Senate leaders includes $12.2 billion for special education over fiscal years 2009 and 2010, down from the $13.5 billion that was in the individual House and Senate stimulus bills.

I'm reaching out to sources to find out more about the issues related to maintenance of effort and supplement-not-supplant. I'll post more when I have it.


Thanks Christina! It seems like it might still be a moving target. According to COPAA, the ed secretary's waivers are Section 1413 of the senate bill. COPAA had a letter-writing campaign yesterday to the conference committee on this issue.

This SPEDmom sure appreciates your targeted reporting! Details seem to be emerging SLOOOWLY. My hope is because they're still working out some of the ed details, hopefully for the better, though I'm certainly concerned about the fact that the "compromise" on SPED is actually a cut from BOTH the house and senate versions!

We're all nibbling our fingernails down to the nubs here at Ed Week Central. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But we're very anxious to know what's going on! I'll definitely keep you posted.

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