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IDEA Stimulus Funding Retains Existing Language


House education aides say that the $12.2 billion for special education funding in the stimulus package will follow existing funding provisions, as opposed to the broader waivers that were a part of the Senate's version of the stimulus bill.

My earlier post on maintenance of effort and "supplement-not-supplant" issues explains why this is an important issue. The Senate version of the stimulus bill would have allowed states to apply for waivers that would let them temporarily use all of their stimulus money to replace state dollars for special education.

Disability advocacy groups are likely to be happy about the way the final bill turned out. They were worried that shifting dollars would leave students with disabilities in the lurch after the stimulus dollars went away. Governors and state officials are likely to be unhappy, because they were looking for the greatest amount of flexibility possible in spending this money.


Christina, thanks! All our nails can use a break from biting!

That's great news, having just come back from a school committee meeting where we were presented with a really dismal set of budget projections, along with a strategic planning report that described our SPED operation as, get this, "economically efficient." Thanks for the scoop on supplantation--I will sleep soundly tonight and get up and advocate another day! :) --Cate

Thank you Christina! Your diligence and the spirit of disseminating information to the education community helped this victory to take place. The next step is ensuring that the funds are well-used for their intended purpose. Diligence will assist us in bringing that about as well!

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