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Questions for the Secretary


Quick! The Secretary of Education is having a conference call with reporters tomorrow (Thursday) at 1:30 p.m. In the unlikely event that I'm able to get a question in, what are some things you want to know?

Friend-of-the-blog Jim Gerl has a great set of questions up on his own site, but they are detailed and unlikely to be answered in this format. But I'm sure I can get an interview at a later date, and this can help steer my coverage.

UPDATE: As I might have predicted, the department wasn't prepared today to talk about special education. Instead the bulk of the conversation was devoted to the changes the department has proposed for Pell Grants. (See Politics K-12 blog here)

I appreciate these ideas, though--please keep 'em coming, and I'll push for answers.


Ask the secretary how his vision for education in the next four years is significantly different than Spelling's vision for education was for the last four or more.

I don't see much difference, but I may be missing something.

Ask the Secretary how they will implement national education standards to enable us to catch up to other industrialized nations. Or, ask how this Administration will create programs for volunteer teachers in America (ie retired professionals who do not have certification).

Devin, that's a really good question. Explore Academy, that's a good question too that I may pass to my colleague who covers teachers.

Will the new education reform address the reduction of the disproportionate number of African American children assessed a disabled or special Ed.?

I would ask Duncan about “How does Career and Technical Education fit into the education plans for the new administration and in the economic development plans as well?”

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