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Autism Chat Coming Up—What Would You Like to Hear?


On July 7, I'm hosting a chat on Edweek.org on autism. I haven't yet booked the guests, but before I did, I thought I would throw this open to my blog audience. Are there any particular topics related to autism and education that you'd be interested in having experts explore?

Feel free to leave comments below, and also take a look at our archived chat library here.


Autism and Education Topics:
I would appreciate discussion on particular challenges of secondary students with autism and adult transitions for student with autism - what to do when high school ends....

Tara, that's a very good idea. Thank you!

Given the time of year and some what's happening for us, I'd love to hear about ESY programs for autistic kids that are in inclusion during the school year. In Baltimore ESY is all about pretty severely disabled kids which kind of goes against the inclusion setting that my son has done well in for the last 9.5 months. Somehow "appropriate" and "least restrictive" mean different things during the school year and during the summer.

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