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'No' From Feds on Special Ed. Cuts in Iowa

Iowa joins South Carolina and Oregon in being denied requests to cut special education spending.

Feds Threaten S.C. With $111 Million Cut to Special Ed.

South Carolina may lose about $111 million in federal special education money for cutting spending on students with disabilities for the last two years without an OK from the U.S. Department of Education.

No Summer Break From Problems with Special Ed.

Summertime doesn't mean parents of children with disabilities can take a vacation from fighting for their children's education.

N.C. Bill to Give Schooling Tax Credits Passes Legislature

North Carolina lawmakers on Thursday approved a tax break of up to $6,000 a year for parents to recover some of the expense of private school tuition or homeschooling for their child with disabilities.

Are L.A. Charter Schools Screening Out Special Ed. Students?

While traditional district schools are hard-pressed to turn anyone away, or must find a way to educate them regardless of cost or hardship, charters appear to be using a vetting process that may explain the stark difference in the percentages of students with disabilities enrolled in their schools versus district-run schools.

What is the Value of Gifted Programs?

A new study suggests some aspects of gifted education used to improve the achievement of a broader group of students may provide less of a boost than previously believed.

The Challenge of Saving Money in Special Ed

In many districts, the portion of the budget devoted to students with disabilities has grown significantly over the years and is perceived as being untouchable. I can understand how even bringing up the subject of saving money on special ed expenses might terrify parents.

Complaint: Milwaukee Vouchers Segregate Students With Disabilities

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups have filed a complaint that accuses the state of Wisconsin and some private schools that accept vouchers of creating a system of segregated public schools.

Early Intervention and Longterm Support Key for Deaf Students

The challenges of teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing starts signed or spoken language start early and continue for years.

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