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A new federal guide outlines some best practices.

Federal funding for gifted education research is cut from president's proposed education budget.

NCLB testing tears down students' self-esteem, special education teacher says.

Could people with autism have a larger-that-typical amygdala? (Don't run to your dictionaries -- the amygdala is a brain structure commonly linked with the storage of emotional memories. Amygdala means almond-shaped, and this cluster of nuclei has that appearance.) Researchers at the University of North Carolina say that toddlers with autism seem more likely to have a large amygdala, and the enlargement is seen in children as young as two years old. If that turns out to be a consistent finding, it may help guide early intervention for children with autism. This brain abnormality appears to be tied to the ...

Teaching at-risk youth allows a chance to "rewrite their stories," said Anthony Mullen, a special education teacher and the 2009 recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award.

Is a student who never received special education services in his home school district eligible to be reimbursed for getting such services at a private school? The Supreme Court hears the case.

A release from the Council of Chief State School Officers: “A teacher can receive no greater reward than the knowledge that he or she helped recover a lost student.” That statement by Anthony Mullen comes from a lifetime of service in the public sector, first as a New York City police officer and then, to further transform the fractured lives of young people in crisis, as a teacher and mentor of teenagers who truly need a second chance. Because of his innovative approach, community focus, and teamwork with other teachers, Mullen will be named 2009 National Teacher of the Year ...

A reader suggests that restraints and seclusion aren't as dangerous to students in special education as disability advocates suggest.

A few days ago I finished an article on the use of restraints and seclusion in schools, prompted by a report from the National Disability Rights Network, "School is Not Supposed to Hurt." (pdf) The Government Accountability Office, a Congressional watchdog agency, is working on its own report about the same topic. The National Disability Rights Network, formerly known as the National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems, represents the protection and advocacy agencies that are in each state. (You can find a link to your state's P&A agency here.) After a media expose in the 1970s of mistreatment ...

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