The government is seeking guidance on the direction of disability research.

The issue is scheduled to get a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Writing disorders are about as common as reading disorders, according to a study in Pediatrics.

Education Week has gathered the best of our RTI stories into one convenient source.

A new federal guide outlines some best practices.

Federal funding for gifted education research is cut from president's proposed education budget.

NCLB testing tears down students' self-esteem, special education teacher says.

Could people with autism have a larger-that-typical amygdala? (Don't run to your dictionaries -- the amygdala is a brain structure commonly linked with the storage of emotional memories. Amygdala means almond-shaped, and this cluster of nuclei has that appearance.) Researchers at the University of North Carolina say that toddlers with autism seem more likely to have a large amygdala, and the enlargement is seen in children as young as two years old. If that turns out to be a consistent finding, it may help guide early intervention for children with autism. This brain abnormality appears to be tied to the ...

Teaching at-risk youth allows a chance to "rewrite their stories," said Anthony Mullen, a special education teacher and the 2009 recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award.

Is a student who never received special education services in his home school district eligible to be reimbursed for getting such services at a private school? The Supreme Court hears the case.

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