When students with disabilities move to the workplace as part of their education, school districts must consider whether those settings are segregated and if these students could thrive in a more inclusive setting with the right supports.

Erasing lifetime limits on coverage and prohibiting companies from denying coverage for a preexisting condition are especially important for children and adults with disabilities.

A new Mississippi law gives children with dyslexia the option of using vouchers to attend private schools, or another public school, if the schools have dyslexia-specific instruction. The law, which takes effect next week, was championed by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant, who has said he struggled with dyslexia as a child. The legislation would apply to students in 1st through 6th grades. Eligible schools would have to employ dyslexia therapists. A related law also passed this year creates scholarships for college students planning to work as dyslexia therapists. Beyond giving students with dyslexia choices about which school to attend, the ...

They found that children with autism had consistent patterns showing altered connectivity between different parts of the brain.

Daily report cards are lists of target behaviors and behavior goals aligned with a student's education plan. Teachers in the study used them to provide students with constant feedback, and they were sent home to parents every day. Parents had to reward or punish students based on the results of the daily report card.

A nonprofit law firm argues that the state law creating the vouchers doesn't violate the Oklahoma constitution's prohibition on using taxpayer money to support religious efforts.

The state filed a motion for a stay in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to put off the penalty, in part to continue fighting the U.S. Department of Education over whether it should have been levied at all. South Carolina also worries about the financial repercussions

The next question, one advocate says, is once they get in, how are they doing?

Advocates want to ensure civil-rights protections for children whose parents choose medical treatments with serious consequences.

The Senate Appropriations Committee affirmed a federal edict that school districts maintain how much they spend on special education from year to year.

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