The author of the study that is the basis for a proposed change to the way autism is defined, a change that could leave some people without an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, wrote recently that more studies should be done before the definition is change.

Too often, the disability advocacy group TASH says, these strategies are used to discipline students, not keep them or school employees safe.

One will explore school readiness for children with fetal alcohol disorders. Another will use math-tutoring software for students with visual impairments.

Nearly 40,000 students were physically restrained during the 2009-10 school year--and 70 percent of the cases involved students with disabilities

It's been difficult to determine how many students have these plans.

Private school vouchers are a life-saving option, or an unnecessary one, parents of children with disabilities say. And just because vouchers are available doesn't mean you should use them, they add.

The U.S. Department of Education said it is revamping the way it rates states to better address the achievement gap between students with disabilities and their peers.

The state is reworking its grading system for schools, and some worry that if special centers for students with disabilities go ungraded, special education students will be pushed out of traditional schools.

Some provisions in the bills about testing students with severe cognitive disabilities affect these students' access to diplomas—and that hurts their access to jobs, advocates say.

Advocates and teachers joined parents and Obama administration officials at a White House meeting to discuss policies for students with disabilities

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