The president proposes increasing spending under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which provides special education programs for infants and toddlers, by $20 million, for a total of $462.7 million.

Nearly every state had to tweak its No Child Left Behind waiver plan to better demonstrate how the needs of students with disabilities and English learners would be addressed.

The state is putting off a change to its state testing program that would have cut back on the use of readers on reading tests for some students with disabilities.

The federal Education Department's office for civil rights recently tried to clarify how school districts should uphold amendments to federal disability law. But one expert says the guidance is significant for what it doesn't say, not really what it does say.

Anthony Herrera could become ill if he takes high-stakes tests, his mother said, and he was discriminated against because he wouldn't take them. An investigation found he wasn't the victim of discrimination, but Anthony won't take the tests this year, anyway.

The state board of education banned the use of readers on some state tests, whether that means people or computer software that read text aloud, an accommodation used by some students with disabilities, who also use this kind of help in class every day.

The city failed to provide special education services to about 1 in 4 students entitled to them during the 2009-10 school year, and the city's most elite high schools need to admit more students with disabilities.

Parents and students with disabilities aren't as involved in the process of mapping out their goals with schools as much they should be, and schools could do more to make the process more welcoming.

Did San Diego's approach to inclusion move too fast, without enough required training for teachers and principals? Many parents and teachers say yes, and students with and without disabilities have suffered as a result.

The new version of the state's voucher program passed its first legal challenge, and lawmakers are considering expanding the program to make it available to all students.

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