The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups have filed a complaint that accuses the state of Wisconsin and some private schools that accept vouchers of creating a system of segregated public schools.

The challenges of teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing starts signed or spoken language start early and continue for years.

All schools must ensure that any technological device they use is accessible to students with disabilities.

A new report looks at how special education students and the people who work with them have changed during the last decade and concludes that the field needs to change, dramatically.

This year, 15 states have passed or proposed laws that expand or create vouchers for students with special needs.

The U.S. Department of Education will for the first time give school districts guidance on when to use restraints and seclusion as ways on children with disabilities.

In a case over whether the District of Columbia did enough to identify students with disabilities, the judge was unimpressed by the district's efforts to hand over thousands of documents related to the case.

A new study finds that adolescents with autism spectrum disorders are more likely to be victims of bullies because of their impairments in social interaction and "emotional competency."

Sen. Patty Murray's bill would put more money into literacy programs, including response to intervention.

New studies are changing what people believe about how prevalent this condition really is.

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