On the bottom right hand side of the screen, you'll see a new and spiffy blogroll. My old list of "blogs I follow" had fallen into a sad compendium of broken links and websites that hadn't been updated in ages. Thanks to some recommendations from readers, I've made changes. I'd particularly like to draw attention to California Father, a special educator and father of a son with autism. He is kind enough to post comments here and his blog is a good read. (A disclaimer: inclusion in the blogroll does not mean I endorse all the views expressed in these ...

The video offers alternatives in a format appropriate for educators, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

The educational framework can be part of a comprehensive evaluation of students, but cannot be the entire process, according to a recently released memo.

After two decades of decline, special education court cases are showing an upswing.

Chancellor Cathleen P. Black said that the plans will be pushed back a year to allow the district to "scale up" reforms already being piloted in some schools.

A voucher provision for military families is gone, but a new White House focus on the unique needs of the military may draw attention to children with disabilities in military families.

Special education advocates will have to be part of a conversation on educational efficiencies.

Requiring the state department of education to handle applications and process the funds may end the stand-off, school leaders say.

Demographics, funding levels and federal evaluations are included in the two-page documents on each state.

Lower Merion, a district in a suburb of Philadelphia, is accused of systematically tracking black students into special education classes.

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