Special education has done wonders for one blogger's young son, she says.

General education teachers may not be adequately prepared for students with disabilities in their classrooms, some experts assert.

These documents aim to assess the research effectiveness of certain popular educational practices.

Michael N. Castle, a former governor and representative from Delaware, lost his primary bid in an anti-incumbent wave.

The Advocacy Institute has compiled information on efforts to prevent injury and death due to these disciplinary techniques.

Education Week has created a resource for those interested in gifted education.

By some measures, the achievement gap is slowly closing, but will it ever be eliminated?

A Connecticut woman presented herself as a certified behavioral therapist.

The department plans to do away with the so-called "2 percent tests" for students based on alternate achievement standards.

The district hopes to address shortages by placing "emergency credentialed" teachers in classes for students with disabilities.

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