A few states have asked for permission to reduce their special education funding, but with the financial health of states still shaky, experts wonder if more requests are coming.

Even a few weeks make a difference, researchers say.

A middle school embarks on a "detracking" project.

The new scholarship program would apply to students in all disability categories, and start next year.

Is the "A-word" the new "R-word?"

Dear Readers, I am very happy to welcome back writer Christina Samuels, who has just returned from her fellowship to resume covering special education and gifted education for Education Week. I have enjoyed covering the rich and complex topic of special education and gifted education in her absence. I think the way the nation handles educating students with different needs says a lot about the future of education. It has been fascinating to see trends emerge like the use of Response to Intervention programs that base education on the individual needs of students along the entire spectrum of abilities in ...

Bolster your negotiating skills with these free webinars.

Educators are looking for ways to make tiered intervention work for preschoolers.

The reductions comes from a rule change at the state level.

Hello blog friends! After eight months away at a wonderful fellowship at the University of Michigan for mid-career journalists, I've returned to Education Week and I'm back on the special education beat. Thanks so much to Lisa Fine for taking good care of the blog while I was away! I followed many of my favorite special education bloggers while I was away, and I wanted to draw attention to this pointed entry by friend-of-the-blog Mark Miller at Special Needs Truth '08. Mark wrote about the District of Columbia's admission that the school system was fumbling in its efforts to remove ...

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