Under changes proposed this week to psychiatry's diagnostic manual, Asperger's syndrome would no longer be a separate diagnosis, and would instead be grouped into the autism-spectrum-disorders category. Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum that affects a person's ability to read social cues and communicate with others. Individuals with Asperger's may have very strong, all-consuming interests in specific topics. It became a separate diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1994. Supporters of the change say the elimination of Asperger's as a separate diagnosis would avoid confusion and lead to better services. "This ...

President Obama's budget for fiscal 2011, released last week, would keep special education funding at pretty much the same level as the previous year, which disappointed advocates who had hoped the administration would provide "full funding" of the law. "The Council for Exceptional Children commends the president for sending the nation a clear signal that he is serious about education," Deborah Ziegler, the associate executive director for policy and advocacy at CEC, an advocacy group for special educators, said in a written statement. "But we are disheartened to see the president did not use this opportunity to fulfill his campaign ...

The House Education and Labor Committee signs off on a measure that would set the first federal safety standards for schools using the techniques.

The Lancet made its announcement following a ruling in Britain that the study's author used improper research practices.

The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services is in the process of completing audits for recipients of stimulus money, she says.

"Making changes in policy leading to more effective practice takes time and patience."

We wanted readers to get a chance to know Alexa Posny, who has held the role of assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services since the Senate confirmed her in October. So Education Week submitted questions to Posny, the former Kansas education commissioner, and she sent back written responses, which we will print in this column in a few installments. President Obama nominated Posny to the key federal post in July. The job has meant a return to Washington for Posny, who was director of the Education Department's office of special education in 2006-07. She had been the Kansas ...

On Special Education interviews the head of the U.S. Department of Education's office of special education and rehabilitative services.

The Early Stages Center will evaluate children ages 3 to 5 for development delays and identify services for them.

Parents of special education students in a Kentucky school district have formed their own Parent Teacher Association to represent their unique needs, an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. The group, which formed in March in Oldham County, offers support and resources to parents and works to improve communication with the district. School officials say they hope it's a model for other districts in the state and around the nation, the article said. The article reports there are as many as 170 special education PTA groups across the nation. "What it comes down to is that it's the right thing ...

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