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August 18, 2008

Back to School -- the Basics

I like to think of my readers as graduate-level experts on special education, but a little refresher never hurts: This site has some nice basic information about what disabilities are covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and what rights are due to a child with a disability....

July 08, 2008

Synergy in Action

The New Teacher Hotline, sponsored by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence, interviewed me in June on a variety of special education topics, including response to intervention and what I really thought about the teacher in Florida who sent a kindergarten student with autism out...

May 19, 2008

District of Columbia Tries Again

It's been a few years since I've written about special education in the District of Columbia, but every time I do so, I'm astounded at just how dysfunctional that system is. While parents in other school systems may be fighting over getting appropriate services for their child, in D.C., the fight ...

May 05, 2008

"IDEA Fairness Restoration Act"

The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates and other like-minded organizations want you to spend May 6 calling your congressional representatives on behalf of a bill that seeks to award expert witness fees to parents who win due-process disputes against schools. H.R. 4188 seeks to undo a policy...

April 23, 2008

Parental Consent

Virginia wants to drop a state requirement that parents have to be notified before terminating a student's special education services. Like many states, Virginia is in the process of aligning its state special education standards to the federal standards included in the 2004 Indviduals with Disabil...

April 04, 2008

Breakfast with Thomas Hehir

A morning session with Thomas Hehir, a professor at Harvard and former director of the U.S. office of special education programs, was a bit of a lift. He started his presentation on “ableism”—the notion that our attitudes about disability are so negative that they distort the way we educa...

April 04, 2008

Summary of Performance

More from the Council for Exceptional Children conference in Boston... A new provision of the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that students receive a “summary of performance” when services end. The summary must include recommendations on how to assist the student in re...

February 08, 2008

Presidential Candidates and Spec Ed

They may have other policy differences, but when it comes to special education, Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Republican John McCain all want the same thing for states--more money. My colleague Michele McNeil has already written in her lively blog about Clin...

February 04, 2008

Special education's best friend?

The Journal News, based in White Plains, N.Y., recently ran a nice article about a therapy dog that has apparently prompted wonderful results in a classroom of children with special learning needs. One 6-year-old with selective mutism -- a social anxiety disorder that prevented him from speaking -- ...

February 04, 2008

The Burden of Proof

An article I wrote recently about New Jersey shifting the burden of proof in individualized education program hearings is generating a lot of thoughtful reader comments. The issue: When a school creates an IEP for a student and the provisions of the plan are disputed, who has to prove their case? ...

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