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Building up a strong, well-validated set of solutions to the enduring problems of education is the best investment Congress could make in education.

Evaluating the effectiveness of school principals is in everyone's best interests-students, teachers, parents, and arguably principals most of all. But what are fair and valid measures of success?

Let's say a given program had an effect size of +0.30. Is that large? Small? Is the program worth doing or worth forgetting?

The difference between a set of principles and a replicable program is night and day. A replicable program implements similar principles, but does so on purpose, and knows how to do it again and again.

Too often, the allure of new technology outweighs practical planning for implementation. Appropriate high-quality professional development and ongoing support for teachers is essential to success.

Sputnik will be on "winter break" until the new year. While we're away, here are a few of Sputnik's top stories from the fall and a seasonal cartoon for you to enjoy. What Constitutes Strong Evidence of Program Effectiveness? Won't Back Down: Union-Bashing Goes Hollywood Better Teachers or Better Programs? Clicking Our Way to Great Teaching Innovative Technology Doesn't Mean Instructionally Innovative Illustration: Slavin, R.E. (2007). Educational research in the age of accountability. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Reprinted with permission of the author....

Genuine progress in educational programs and practice is likely to be gradual, so it is especially critical that support for the R&D process be sustained and steady over time.

Designing replicable "transformation" programs to help persistently low-achieving schools would seem to be essential, yet it has not happened.

For teachers to utilize technology in a meaningful way, its instructional value must offer options that couldn't exist without the tool.


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