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Sputnik will be on "winter break" until the new year. While we're away, here are a few of Sputnik's top stories from the fall and a seasonal cartoon for you to enjoy. What Constitutes Strong Evidence of Program Effectiveness? Won't Back Down: Union-Bashing Goes Hollywood Better Teachers or Better Programs? Clicking Our Way to Great Teaching Innovative Technology Doesn't Mean Instructionally Innovative Illustration: Slavin, R.E. (2007). Educational research in the age of accountability. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Reprinted with permission of the author....

Genuine progress in educational programs and practice is likely to be gradual, so it is especially critical that support for the R&D process be sustained and steady over time.

Designing replicable "transformation" programs to help persistently low-achieving schools would seem to be essential, yet it has not happened.


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