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Oklahoma's state board of education must fully fund the states' teacher pension system, despite flexibilty lawmakers recently gave the board, the state's Attorney General says.

The education leaders of five states form a new group that will put a premium on "more aggressive" policies such as performance-based evaluation for teachers and principals.

Thirteen states have made mid-year budget cuts to K-12 education so far this fiscal year, a survey of state financial officers finds.

The winners in the federal Race to the Top competition earned low grades for supporting charter schools, according to an advocacy group's rankings.

Ohio, Florida, and other states met a federal deadline to submit Race to the Top plans, with mixed levels of local participation.

The U.S. Department of Education's review will focus not only on the Race to the Top and i-3 programs, but also the Teacher Incentive Fund and other popular programs.

The State Energy Program, funded through the federal stimulus, is one of a number of federal efforts to power schools through cleaner energy.

An education finance journal examines an issue of major financial concern to states: teacher pension and retiree health care costs.

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates tells state education chiefs that during a dismal financial period, they should avoid quick-fix cuts like furloughs, which hurt students.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been named the head of the Republican Governors Association, the AP reports. Perry has had several run-ins with the Obama adminstration over federal education funding.

Chris Gregoire is the next chair of the National Governors Association, a visible policy organization in Washington. She replaces Joe Manchin, who's on his way to the U.S. Senate.

A number of Ohio school districts have dropped out of the state's Race to the Top plan, citing concerns about cost.

Rick Perry, who refused to have his state apply for Race to the Top, is a contender to become the next chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Nevada Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval appears to be considering asking school district to turn over construction money to the cash-strapped state.

Clear majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents favor changing teacher tenure. They're less enthused about merit pay for teachers, based on test scores.

States are coping with dire budget conditions for schools in a variety of ways, which include forming study commissions to examine potential cuts.

California's school-funding system needs to be simpler and devote more resources to districts that have more English-language learners and special needs students, a report argues.

A Maryland legislative committee votes to reject a regulation that ties teacher evaluation to student peformance, saying it goes beyond state law.

Florida's state government and local districts will have to meet class-size limits, after a ballot amendment to loosen those restrictions fails.

Florida's Republican-dominated legislature isn't likely to try to override Charlie Crist's veto of a controversial teacher merit-pay bill.

Republicans seized control of numerous governor's, superintendent's and legislative offices. Some had railed against their opponents' education plans.

Scott defeated Democrat Alex Sink, who had voiced strong support for her state's successful Race to the Top application.

Republicans seize control of at least 18 chambers from Democrats and will hold the most state legislative seats they've had since 1928.

Rick Scott leads Alex Sink by a thin margin in the Florida governor's race, but we can't call the race yet.

Jerry Brown returns to the governor's office in California. Republican John Kasich wins in Ohio, and Nathan Deal beats Roy Barnes in Georgia.

Gov. Dave Heineman supported pay increases and retirement benefits for educators.

The Democratic governor has been a backer of his state's participation in the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Robert Bentley, a Republican, outlasts Democrat Ron Sparks to become Alabama's next governor.

The Democrat has pledged to slash his state's dropout rates and expand a program that lets high school students earn college credit.

The governor defeated Democratic challenger Bill White, the former mayor of Houston, the AP says, in what many saw as a surprisingly close contest.

State EdWatch will be examining the results of governors' and state superintendents' races. Check Politics K-12 for the latest federal updates.

In the Florida governor's race, Alex Sink and Rick Scott take very few different positions on Senate Bill 6, a controversial merit-pay measure that was vetoed this year.


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