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Attendees at the National Governors Association's winter meeting don't like the idea of Congress allowing states to declare bankruptcy to get out of pension obligations.

At the National Governors Association's winter meeting, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan urged governors to make peace with teachers' unions amid ongoing labor disputes.

School district leaders are worried that Gov. Scott Walker's controversial proposal to curb collective bargaining and ask employees to pay more for benefit will hurt their school systems, going forward.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to require more employee contributions for pensions would appear to put his state in line with other states—with several caveats.

Wisconsin public employees turn to members of the Green Bay Packers to try to win public support to their side, in their public battle with Gov. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin's leading teachers' union tells its member to go back to the classroom, but protests over Gov. Scott Walker's plan to cut collective bargaining rights are expected to continue.

President Obama speaks on the Wisconsin protests over the governor's plans to restrict collective bargaining, and warns against demonizing public employees. Arne Duncan calls for cooperation.

Idaho state schools chief Tom Luna modifies his proposed overhaul of the state's education system to give districts more flexibility on

Idaho state superintendent Tom Luna has his tires slashed and gets heckled, apparently over school policy.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has inflamed teachers and other union members with a proposal to limit collective bargaining and cut pensions.

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, like his neighbor, Gov. Chris Gregoire of Washington, believes his state's education programs are too fragmented. He wants more of them brought together under his authority.

Jorea Marple, a former teacher, principal and superintendent, is West Virginia's new superintendent of schools.

Michelle Rhee, an informal education adviser to Florida Gov. Rick Scott, voices support for a plan to phase out tenure in Florida.

Teachers in Indiana and Idaho line up against Republican-backed education proposals, but a Wisconsin union comes forward with its own proposal to overhaul teacher pay and evaluation.

Robert Sommers is Ohio governor John Kasich's new education adviser.

Two governors of big states, Rick Scott and Andrew Cuomo, call for substantial cuts to K-12 spending, arguing that government has to get leaner.

States looking to save money should move cautiously in encouraging school and districts consolidation, says a report published by the National Education Policy Center.

Michael L. Williams, a former U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights official, is running to replace U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Faced with grim budget prospects over the coming years, some states are looking to overhaul how they spend money on education.

Ohio and New Jersey are considering major pension cuts, and legislation on that issue seems likely to emerge in Florida, too.


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