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Jason Glass, director of education for the state of Iowa, faces an ethics complaint over a trip to Brazil that he and other state schools chiefs took, paid for by the foundation of Pearson, the publisher.

In his third annual "back-to-school" speech, President Obama urged students to continue their education after high school, saying the changing workplace demands it.

Speculation persists that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could jump into the presidential race. The Republican governor has praised some of President Obama's education policies, and battled with the leading teachers' union in his state.

The common core standards will pose a major challenge for schools and teachers, but education publishers will also have to develop much better products to meet the standards' new demands, school district officials say.

Washington state Gov. Christine Gregoire takes the unusual step of stepping in to help broker a deal between a teachers' union and a local school districts, to end a strike.

At least 27 states made changes to state pension systems this year, and about 15 of them are asking public employees to pay more, measures that will affect teachers.

Media titan Rupert Murdoch, whose corporation is under heavy scrutiny in a phone-hacking scandal, will appear at the national summit of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which is led by Jeb Bush.

Idaho state schools chief Tom Luna and Gov. C.L. Otter oppose having the state apply for Race to the Top early learning funds, citing concerns that it will force the state to swallow long-term costs.

Michigan is considering a major "open enrollment" effort, which would seek to expand public school choice in a state where private school choice has failed to take hold.

Pennsylvania school districts are cutting thousands of jobs, a survey finds, with state officials saying districts have been hurt by the loss of federal stimulus funds.

For the first time in a decade, states cut taxes more than they increased them, a dropoff caused by the expiration of temporary tax increases, a new report says.

Michigan's House of Representatives narrowly approves a measure that prevents school districts from arranging automatic paycheck deductions for teachers' union dues.

The Florida Education Association has said it will file a lawsuit to halt a law signed by Gov. Rick Scott that ends tenure for new hires and implements a merit pay system.

Former Washington, D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee offers support for President Obama's school jobs and renovation plans.

A study examines Chile's longstanding private school voucher model and finds that larger, private-school networks outperform smaller, independnet private schools.

Idaho's state board of education has tentatively approved a measure to require students to take two online courses before graduating, though it still faces major hurdles.

President Barack Obama says his jobs plan would save 280,000 school positions; that's roughly the number lost in districts since 2008, by one estimate.

Supporters and foes of Ohio's new bill limiting teachers' and other workers' collective-bargaining law have begun to take their case to the public through TV ads.

Stefan Pryor, a Newark, N.J., city official with a background in charter schools, is set to be named Connecticut's next commissioner of education, according to reporters.

States and school districts are cutting spending on school transportation, which often means longer bus rides and longer walks to bus stops for students.

Many states' per-pupil spending on education has fallen below 2008 levels, according to a a new report.

A national nonprofit, Parents for Public Schools, is trying to encourage families to get involved in protecting school budgets from cuts.

The New Jersey Education Association is going to court to try to block changes that Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Democratic lawmakers made to pensions.


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