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Richard Laine, a former official at the Wallace Foundation, has been named the education director of the Center on Best Practices at the National Governors Association, which played a lead role in developing common academic standards across states.

Of charter schools that were reviewed for renewal, about 6 percent were closed, a decrease from the previous two years. Whether that means enforcement has become more lax, or charter operators have become better, is an open question.

North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue announces she won't run for re-election, after having fought often during her first term with state Republicans over school funding.

The former Florida governor says Republican politicians can win over Hispanic voters by focusing on school choice, digital education, and other ideas the GOP supports.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's rhetoric in promoting his school voucher plan angers teachers union leaders, though the governor says the labor organizations' criticism is misguided.

A poll shows broad support for California Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to raise taxes to support public education, but voters are also deeply skeptical of government's ability to spend wisely.

State are likely to pay a lot of attention to early grades instruction, trying to do more with less money, and common standards implementation, among other issues, an education policy group predicts.

Florida' state education commissioner, Gerard Robinson, says a new grading system will provide more information to parents and taxpayers on the strengths and weaknesses of school districts.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is calling for a major expansions of private school vouchers in his state, and proposing eliminating many teacher job protections -- a step taken by a number of other states.

After seeing his state's teacher-evaluation system tied up in legal and political fights, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is linking districts' receipt of some state aid to their adoption of new forms of teacher evaluation.

In his annual "State of the State" speech, California Gov. Jerry Brown proposes overhauling his state's school funding and testing systems, and wants temporary tax hikes for school funding.

Data Quality Campaign releases new report on the steps states must take to capitalize on their student longitudinal data systems.

United Wisconsin, a group organizing an effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, says it has collected more than 1 million signatures, roughly twice the number to get the measure on the ballot.

An Indiana judge says a new voucher program is constitutional, and that its direction of public money to religious institutions doesn't mean it violates the law.

Many charter school studies have methodological flaws, and state laws often stand in the way of researchers gathering good information, a review finds.

John White, who was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's top pick to serve as the state's top education official, won appointment from the state board on Wednesday.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposes new spending on schools, but Democrats say his plans won't make up for deep cuts imposed last year.

Gov. Jan Brewer proposes creating a searchable database for parents interested in gathering information about teachers' disciplinary records.

The Education Law Center says that claims that New Jersey's plan to secure a waiver to the No Child Left Behind Act could result in federal funding not going to the neediest students.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo asks lawmakers to revise the state's teacher-evaluation law, and the implications for New York's $700 million Race to the Top award are unclear.

State officials in Iowa and New Mexico are expected to consider controversial proposals in 2012 to retain 3rd graders who can't demonstrate basic literacy skills.

Gene Wilhoit, the executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers, in Washington, is recovering from a heart attack and expects to return to work in six to eight weeks.


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