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Questions remain about actions by Indiana K-12 chief Tony Bennett regarding the state's A-F accountability system and an Indianapolis charter school in 2012.

Florida Commissioner of Education Tony Bennett defends his actions while serving as Indiana's K-12 chief regarding the changing of A-F school grades in 2012.

Emails obtained by the Associated Press show former Indiana K-12 chief Tony Bennett pushing to change the state's accountability system after seeing one school's mediocre performance.

Officials at the recent National Association of State Boards of Education annual conference express anxiety about how teacher evaluations will work as common core is implemented.

A survey of high-ranking state education officials finds sees little chance of the Common Core State Standards being reversed this school year, despite opposition within some states.

Texas is waiting on a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education to exempt certain students from reading and math tests.

A Utah politician wants to end compulsory education for students, saying that parents should have a choice in the matter of schooling.

Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson, a Republican, talked about his bill that would repeal the Common Core State Standards in the state.

The Florida State Board approved a relaxation of the state's A-F accountability system at the behest of state K-12 chief Tony Bennett.

Michigan's state superintendent wants new "hybrid districts" as a step towards larger countywide school systems.

The recent adoption of a new teacher-pay plan in Tennessee has spurred backlash from many union members, including calls for the state's education commissioner to be fired, reports The Tennessean.

A major K-12 funding increase in Minnesota and a "freeze" on local levies don't guarantee flat taxes in school districts.

Reported costs of new common-core-aligned tests, and whether the state legislature will foot the bill, have become a concern in Georgia.

A coalition of K-12 advocacy groups has filed a lawsuit against Washington state's new charter law, alleging it is unconstitutional.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, approved a voucher expansion in the state July 1, but issued two vetoes that may displease school choice advocates.

Pennsylvania is the latest state to experience an uptick in anti-common-core activity among state legislators.


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