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The department was initially really strict when it came to teacher evaluation, but it has become much more flexible recently.

On average, North Carolina voters whose local school failed to make AYP had higher turnout in the next school board election by 5 to 8 percentage points, according to a Duke University study.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, announced the Common Core Task Force on Sept. 28. It will study the standards and aligned exams and make those recommendations by the end of 2015.

The Classrooms First Initiative Council published its initial recommendations to change the K-12 funding formula earlier this month.

The suit, filed Sept. 22, alleges that California has failed to properly calculate the minimum amount of state funding for education under the state constitution.

At Achieve, Pruitt oversaw the development of the Next Generation Science Standards, which have been adopted by 15 states and the District of Columbia.

Anticipate lower proficiency rates on standardized tests. That's what happens, people say, when you adopt tough new standards and tests. Well it's not what happened in Texas.

The Dwyer v. Colorado ruling is the state Supreme Court's second major decision regarding K-12 finance in the past two years.

The governor becomes the second Republican to effectively exit the contest after former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

There's a new political dispute over assessments in Florida. This one involves a study about the common-core test given to students earlier this year.

Proficiency rates hovered at about one-third for English/language arts, and were a bit lower in math, ranging from 17 percent proficiency on the high school math exam to 36 percent in 3rd grade math.

In a 33-page ruling, Judge Shelly Dick comprehensively rejected the Republican governor's arguments and denied his quest for a preliminary injunction.

The preliminary results from the Buckeye State also reveal how Ohio and PARCC will describe the results differently.

Gov. Jay Inslee says he will focus on improving traditional public schools instead of charters, which were struck down by a Sept. 4 state supreme court ruling.

To help battle Oklahoma's teacher shortage, state chief Joy Hofmeister is calling for a $5,000 increase in base pay for teacher salaries over the next five years.

California students performed better on the English/language arts section of the Smarter Balanced exam than in math, according to scores released by the department Sept. 9.

Last February, the Indiana education department sent shock waves throughout the state when it announced that its exam for grades 3-8 would take 12 hours for students to complete.

State officials inform 11 schools that they don't qualify for the national Blue Ribbon program because their test-participation rates fell short of the required 95 percent.


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