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Thirty-two states have increased funding while only nine states decreased funding for preschool.

A state Senate proposal calls for a new funding formula by the end of 2018, while the governor and lawmakers in the House want a 2017 deadline.

Despite the economic recovery, districts spent 1.8 percent less per student in 2013 than they did the prior year.

The lawsuit claims that the question scheduled for a vote on November's ballot is invalid and would revert the state to outdated academic standards.

The Beaver State's next education chief, who carries the title of "education innovation officer," will be tasked with boosting the state's 72 percent graduation rate.

The state's Supreme Court says its legislature needs to come up with a new funding formula by the end of 2018.

A state takeover plan would allow the financially struggling district to declare bankruptcy and the state to avoid any liability.

Though Ohio officials weigh whether to pay the next state superintendent $1 million, some state chiefs make just half what the superintendents of their largest urban districts make.

A viral video contains several inaccuracies about who benefited from the standards.

A budget stalemate at the the state capitol has held up millions of dollars in education funding.

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to spend more than $71.1 billion on education next school year.


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