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The two groups will have to sort through several cultural differences amid a rapidly changing policy landscape in the wake of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

The state's governor-appointed board of education continues to feud with Arizona's elected schools superintendent over who's in charge.

The districts allege the state department miscalculated the state's funding formula for 22 years, and now owes them millions of dollars.

Without hurting wealthy districts, the state added $2 million to its funding formula while restructuring it.

According to a National Conference of State Legislatures analysis, state legislators have proposed more than 500 bills dealing with standards, assessment, accountability, and other matters.

The eight-month standoff between the state's Democratic governor and the Republican-controlled legislature held up millions of dollars in state education funding.

Betty Rosa's comments come just weeks before students across New York start taking the latest round of the state's standardized exams.

The organization, which advocates for the use of the Common Core State Standards and school choice, once consisted solely of state school chiefs.

Betty Rosa, a former Bronx superintendent and a member of the board since 2008, is replacing Merryl Tisch as chancellor of the board who stepped down Monday.

The state will now give schools more credit for gains that students make on Indiana's standardized test.

An analysis from Measured Progress published last summer found that just 37 percent of Nevada students completed Smarter Balanced tests.

The recommendation comes as the state faces a $2 billion budget deficit after tax cuts under the former governor and decreased revenues due to the fall in oil prices.

An Achieve study finds that states' accountability systems leave out factors that best indicate whether students are ready for college.

Ohio is now part of a growing number of states that are questioning the validity of their online exam results.

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told a debate audience Thursday that former candidate Ben Carson would "be very involved with education" in a Trump administration.

While charter school advocates are celebrating their hard-fought victory squeezed out of the legislature right before the end of the session, several lawmakers in both chambers raised the specter of a second lawsuit, saying they're not sure the revised law passes constitutional muster.

Lawmakers are looking for a way to satisfy the high court's ruling that the state's funding formula is inequitable.

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to provide all students in grades 3-8 just the same exam.

The new accountability system ranks schools based on 12 indicators, including college access and physical fitness, in addition to test scores and expanded ways of measuring graduation.

State Schools Chief Tommy Bice led the Alabama in increasing its graduation rate and instituting a new strategic plan.

Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, signed a bill that aims to have the legislature address a 2012 state high court ruling by the end of lawmakers' 2017 session.


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