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Knowing school-by-school spending would be a boon for parent groups, civil rights activists say, but state officials say its tough to figure a dollar amount for thousands of schools.

Mitchell Chester led one of the academically highest-performing states through adoption of common-core standards, ambitious school turnaround efforts, and adoption of a state-designed standardized test.

The new formula hammered out by the legislature in its recently concluded session increases school spending by $285 million in the next two years in order to assure all students to meet basic state standards.

Skandera in recent weeks has faced fierce backlash over the state's plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act which kept in place the state's existing accountability plan and teacher evaluations tied to test scores.

The tax hike would in part fund a bill overhauling the state K-12 funding formula, which would help the state answer a Kansas supreme court ruling on school finance.

States including Louisiana and New Mexico are training thousands of teachers in the coming weeks on how to implement their states' accountability plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act.


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