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The compromise approved by the state Senate and expected to be signed by the governor provides for $350 million more in state school funding, along with tax credit scholarships.

Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is split between members appointed by former Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and current Democratic Gov. John Bel White.

The state's legislature has been trying to overhaul its funding formula after the supreme court said it's not the court's role to determine how the legislature should spend the state's money.

The state's House of Representatives now needs to also override the veto in order for the funding formula to go into effect and for the state's schools to receive millions of held up funds.

State superintendent Michael Sentance, who is under attack by district superintendents and some board members for his leadership style and policy direction, said he needs time to show impact.

Advocates fear that, if Florida's waiver request is approved, other states will attempt to break free from the law's intended efforts to close the nation's stagnant achievement gap.

Oklahoma education chief Joy Hoffmeister was charged last year with illegally funneling campaign funds to pay for attack ads against her opponent, then-incumbent superintendent Janet Barresi.

While there's consensus that the school funding formula needs reform, Gov. Bruce Rauner has balked at a provision providing more state money to pay off Chicago's ballooning teachers' pension fund.


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