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Michael Kirst will be stepping down from his job as president of the California School Board when Gov. Jerry Brown's tenure is over, Kirst announced this week. Kirst, who is an emeritus professor education and business administration at Stanford University, was first appointed to the state board back in 1975, during Brown's first term as the Golden State governor. He has advised Brown on education policy for 44 years. "Governor Brown and I have enjoyed a unique and rare working relationship," Brown said in a statement. "We'll have a new governor in 2019, and I will not share that same ...

In Tuesday night's Republican primary in West Virginia, Robert Karnes, a West Virginia Republican state senator who lashed out at teachers during their nine-day strike, lost to pro-labor candidate Bill Hamilton.

Brian Whiston, who was hired in 2015, set ambitious goals for the state and helped create its accountability plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

As state legislatures continue to wrap up business for the year, the Data Quality Campaign and EdChoice take a look at how data and school choice issues were faring among lawmakers.

Kansas will offer up $534 million more this fall to its public schools, an amount it will tell the state's supreme court in the coming weeks is enough to provide students with an "adequate" education.


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