Georgia Governor Plans $50 Million Infusion for State Preschool Program

Georgia's prekindergarten program faced several cuts in 2011-12, including a shorter school year and increased class size. State lawmakers have gradually restored some of the program's funding since then.

Maryland Chief Lillian Lowery Leaving to Head Ohio Non-Profit

Lowery, who has served as Maryland's state education commissioner since 2012, oversaw the state's Race to the Top grant and its transition to the Common Core State Standards.

ACLU of Nevada Sues to Block State's New School Choice Law

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada says it's filing a lawsuit challenging the state's new school voucher-like program also known as education savings accounts.

Kentucky Board of Education Shortens List of Commissioner Candidates to Five

The education-chief hopefuls include both in-state and out-of-state educators, and the list could soon be whittled down further.

What Great Political Theorist Does Your State Govern Like?

A report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found that the current trend in most states is toward greater state control, but there's no one best way to govern.

Report: State-Run Districts Disenfranchise Blacks, Latinos

The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools asserts that state takeovers and state-run achievement districts increase segregation and dismantle community schools.

With State Backing, Vermont School Districts Are Exploring Consolidation

As public school enrollment falls, the state of Vermont is urging school districts to consider mergers.

Despite High Opt-Out Rates, Education Department Won't Punish N.Y., Report Says

Federal law requires each school to test at least 95 percent of its students or else the district or state could face sanctions, some as severe as losing Title I money for low-income students.

California Legislature Tries to Rescue Students Denied Diplomas

Lawmakers drafted emergency legislation to allow about 5,000 students to graduate even though they lost their last chance to take the state-required exit exam.

Eight States Add Citizenship Test as Graduation Requirement

Advocates have plans to push more state legislatures to pass laws requiring high schoolers to pass a citizenship test in order to graduate in coming years.

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