Reported costs of new common-core-aligned tests, and whether the state legislature will foot the bill, have become a concern in Georgia.

A coalition of K-12 advocacy groups has filed a lawsuit against Washington state's new charter law, alleging it is unconstitutional.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, approved a voucher expansion in the state July 1, but issued two vetoes that may displease school choice advocates.

Pennsylvania is the latest state to experience an uptick in anti-common-core activity among state legislators.

Wyoming's new head of public schools is a strong common core supporter who has worked on the ALEC Education Task Force.

Sec. Arne Duncan pushed for state leaders to be aggressive in expanding early education in a June 27 speech at the Education Commission of the States.

Sec. Arne Duncan defended the Common Core State Standards from what he called false political attacks in prepared remarks to newspaper editors.

A new report from a conservative state budget think tank argues that states retain power over their relationship to the Common Core State Standards.

A report by Wyoming state investigators says former K-12 chief Cindy Hill was responsible for corruption and mismanagement in her department.

Companies that insure Kansas districts say that giving concealed handguns to on-campus employees who aren't sworn law enforcement officers is too much of a


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