The court ordered the state to return $554 million to the nearly 275,000 public school staff members who had funds withheld funds in order to pay down retirees' health-care costs.

All but three states will hold legislative sessions this year, and issues such as accountability plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act, school funding, and school choice are up for debate.

Governors in several natural resource-dependent states said recently they will have to continue to cut public education funding because prices for oil and coal have not rebounded.

Several women told local newspapers that Pennsylvania state board chair Larry Wittig pursued sexual relationships with them when they were teenagers.

In Florida, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah, Republicans are arguing that candidates for local and state school boards should run on party tickets.

Amid severe budget shortfalls, Republican leaders in Kansas and Oklahoma said in recent days that they refuse to raise taxes despite severe implications for those states' public schools.

The state's supreme court said recently it will ramp up its sanctions on the state if it doesn't sooner comply with a 2012 ruling to increase teacher pay.

Already, some educators and prominent education advocates have entered their names into the running for of the many 2018 state races around the country where education policy is likely to be a hot topic.

A series of staffing cuts have prevented state departments from complying with components of the Every Student Succeeds Act, state chiefs said in a recently released survey.

Republican Gov. Eric Greitens has criticized State Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven for her stance on school choice and the state's stagnant test scores.


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