Bennett spoke with Education Week at the Foundation for Excellence in Education's annual conference, an event organized by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and shared his thoughts on the loss at the polls, and what the future holds.

By Sean Cavanagh Washington Jeb Bush, whose political aspirations are a favorite source of speculation in this city, urged attendees at an education conference he organized to act as aggressive champions of contentious school policies—regardless of the political fallout. The former Republican Florida governor spoke on the opening day of the fifth annual national summit hosted by an advocacy organization he leads, the Foundation for Excellence in Education. That group is devoted to promoting a schools agenda that closely mirrors the often divisive one that Bush backed while in office, pieces of which have since been emulated in Republican-led...

Pennsylvania can no longer treat charter schools like school districts when calculating AYP, the U.S. Department of Education said last week.

Two West Virginia school parents are demanding the reinstatement of the recently-fired superintendent, Jorea Marple, saying her dismissal violated the state's open meetings law.

The American Legislative Exchange Council has voted down a resolution opposing the Common Core State Standards, after several months of debate.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is proposing a broad education funding overhaul to emphasize "school choice" in which state money follows students.

The West Virginia Board of Education voted to fire its state superintendent, Jorea Marple, on Nov. 15, saying the state needed "new leadership."

A new report on Illinois K-12 public schools says the state should follow the example of Massachusetts in making major education policy shifts.

Chris Minnich, the new executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers, was its membership director and led its common standards and assessment work.

Georgia's Legislative Black Caucus is joining a lawsuit alleging that a voter-approved amendment to expand avenues for charter school approval was misrepresented on the ballot.


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