The two largest school systems in North Carolina could represent touchstones in education debates during the state's gubernatorial election this year.

The failure of Maryland's General Assembly to pass a balanced budget plan Monday could lead to over $200 million in education cuts by the state unless legislators can meet in a special session and approve a new fiscal deal.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed into law abstinence-only sex education for students on Thursday, repealing a state law passed in 2010 that required schools to teach the benefits of contraceptives in sex education classes

The American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that writes model legislation for state lawmakers supporting parent-trigger and charter schools, is getting more attention after the Trayvon Martin shooting and lost two corporate members this week.

A survey of swing state voters by the College Board shows that education is a very big issue in this election season.

Republican governors in Iowa and Mississippi are sparring with their GOP-controlled legislatures on education issues related to funding and charter schools, respectively.

A law approved by Georgia lawmakers that would create a school and district scoring system has an unusual wrinkle: a measure that measures "financial efficiency."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett created national headlines by jumping into the Wisconsin gubernatorial race on March 30, but the state teachers' union has already agreed to back fellow Democratic candidate Kathleen Falk.

Tennessee is considering "baggy pants" legislation that could make it the latest state to adopt a law prohibiting students from exposing their underwear.

I did not mention the Oregon Education Investment Board in my March 28 story on governor-driven education legislation in 2012, because the board was actually established through state legislation last year. However, Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber is chairman of that board, and this month the board approved a draft of "achievement compacts" that districts will have to enter with the state. So it's worth examining, particularly since there is a potential for conflict between the districts and the state's chief education officer. The 13-member board approved the draft March 13. School districts and higher-education institutions must establish their own targets ...


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