North Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) signed a new teacher evaluation and performance pay law on Tuesday, over the protests of the state teachers union.

Former Maryland schools superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick has taken a job at Towson University to oversee redesigned programs in teacher education.

James W. Guthrie, a long-time education finance and policy scholar currently with the George W. Bush Institute, will take over as Nevada's next state schools chief.

A Florida measure that would have let parents petition for failing schools to be converted into charters or otherwise overhauled died in the state Senate on a 20-20 vote.

by guest blogger Andrew Ujifusa All but ten states have constitutions that prohibit state funding from going to religious schools, a February study from the Education Commission of the States shows. The study by ECS researcher Chris Leahy, "State Aid to Nonpublic Schools," examined the constitutions of all 50 states as to whether they explicitly prohibit funding for nonpublic schools. The study also found that twelve states also prohibit state funding for all nonpublic schools. However, while the majority of states prohibit aid to religious schools, 29 states permit state funding for transportation to nonpublic schools, while 21 states allow ...

A survey of North Carolina teachers shows that more than 50 percent of them spend over half their class time preparing students for high-stakes tests.

New York State has created a website to allow parents and others to track the progress of school districts in implementing new teacher evaluations.

Congressman George Miller, the top Democrat on the House education committee, makes a public pitch for "parent trigger" laws, despite the controversy they're generating.

The American Civil Liberties Union, among others, has raised concerns about a bill that appears to allow student-led prayer at school assemblies.

California wants a waiver from the No Child Left Behind Act -- but not under the conditions assigned by the Obama administration, in its offer to provide states with flexbility.


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