The plan, which violates ESSA in several areas, has infuriated the state's civil rights community which said in a widely-circulated petition that the plan will harm the state's large ELL population.

The Every Student Succeeds Act has led to state-level shakeups and power shifts among policymakers and discord among advocates. This will matter when it comes to implementation.

Michael Sentance abruptly resigns less than a year after being hired to oversee Alabama's schools and as board members were preparing to decide his fate after a brutal evaluation.

New York, which has had a politically contentious history assessing its students, will seek three waivers from how the Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to test students.

Governors have 30 days to review state accountability plans under the federal K-12 law and some governors have already taken issue with portions of their states' plans.

The compromise approved by the state Senate and expected to be signed by the governor provides for $350 million more in state school funding, along with tax credit scholarships.

Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is split between members appointed by former Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and current Democratic Gov. John Bel White.

The state's legislature has been trying to overhaul its funding formula after the supreme court said it's not the court's role to determine how the legislature should spend the state's money.

The state's House of Representatives now needs to also override the veto in order for the funding formula to go into effect and for the state's schools to receive millions of held up funds.

State superintendent Michael Sentance, who is under attack by district superintendents and some board members for his leadership style and policy direction, said he needs time to show impact.


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